CRA Untangled

We’ve created the only CRA search tool that gives you the power to find all the CRA-qualified nonprofits in your bank’s assessment areas.  Our groundbreaking algorithm analyzes every nonprofit in a community and identifies the ones that are aligned with CRA.  Each nonprofit profile contains over 70 datapoints from trusted industry sources so you can focus on building the right relationships for your bank.


Less than 10% of nonprofits qualify for CRA. 100% of ours do.

1,375 datapoints from 20 industry sources analyzed for each nonprofit.

We streamline the process for banks to find and support nonprofits and communities.

Learning Center

Expand your Community Reinvestment Act knowledge with industry updates, regulatory guidance and forum discussions or learn more about using findCRA.

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Discover innovative CRA solutions for your bank and build new partnerships to streamline the success of your bank’s CRA programs and services.