"Keep it simple, but significant." -Don Draper

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Modern CRA technology created by bankers.

It all started when our founders identified the need for a faster way for banks to find qualified nonprofit relationships to help meet the bank’s federal Community Reinvestment Act requirements.  findCRA has come a long way since those initial conversations in 2013.  Today, findCRA has grown into a national SaaS and CRA consulting company, supporting banks and nonprofits in the smallest communities to the largest cities.

We’re committed to developing technology to modernize CRA.  With that goal in mind, we have analyzed the myriad sources of data available that are important for CRA professionals to review.  We’ve organized them into intuitive, powerful research tools, converting countless hours of manual research into instant results.

Why It Matters
Technology has changed nearly every aspect of our daily lives, from social connection to entertainment to banking.  At findCRA, we embrace technology to empower a better way for banks to meet their CRA regulatory requirements while enabling them to realize the spirit of CRA through investing in and improving their communities.
Our software solutions are designed with a “CRA first” approach, making them stand out in the marketplace.  We’ve chatted with hundreds of CRA and nonprofit professionals about how they work and developed an understanding of the current state of CRA, including ways to improve it.  We are committed to building a more efficient, simpler way to support CRA efforts nationwide for banks of every size.
It matters to us because we care about our clients, their goals, and our communities.

Simplify CRA

We bring order to the innumerable resources and opportunities available for Community Reinvestment Act participants by organizing everything in a centralized location.

Educate & Equip

We help nonprofits build their knowledge of CRA and how to best tell their impactful stories while simultaneously equipping banks with the tools to find the CRA relationships they need.

Build Communities

We streamline the process for banks to find and support nonprofits nationwide to build stronger, more impactful community relationships.

Lead Change

We create new solutions and drive for systemic change in approaches for meeting CRA obligations, measuring impact, and supporting communities in need.