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At findCRA, we've made it easy to share how you make a difference every day and equip you to highlight how banks can work with you to meet community needs.

You want to talk to banks about CRA.

You've probably heard you need to talk to your local banker about CRA funding and support. But what does that mean and how do you get started?
At findCRA, we've got you covered. The Community Reinvestment Act or CRA encourages banks to support certain organizations focused on helping the community, especially low- and moderate-income people and neighborhoods.
As CRA experts, we've made it simple because we've already created a personalized online profile for your organization. In just a few mintues, our online process will guide you through claiming your nonprofit and adding key details to your online profile that hundreds of bank users are already reviewing. By completing your profile, you become CRA verified, unlocking additional free CRA tools, training and promotional items to help in your outreach efforts.
To get started, all you need to do is claim your free online nonprofit profile. It's just sitting there waiting for you! Be ready to tell your CRA story.

See If You're CRA Aligned

We’ve taken the first step for you. Using our CRA expertise, we’ve already prepared thousands of profiles for nonprofits whose mission, programs and services make them a good fit for CRA. Don’t worry about trying to figure out if your organization aligns with complex CRA regulations, we’ve done it for you.

Claim Your Nonprofit

Prepare your CRA story by claiming your free findCRA nonprofit profile. It’s waiting for you! We’ve already created a detailed online profile that just needs a few more details from you to make it ready for your next conversation with a banker. Complete it now in just a few minutes.

Become CRA Verified

Once you’ve claimed your nonprofit profile and completed all of the required information, you’ll be 100% CRA verified! Keep track of your progress towards verified status right on your profile or user dashboard. When you’re fully verified, you’ll unlock free CRA guides, training and promotional tools to support your CRA outreach.

Complete your free nonprofit profile.

Add important details to help banks understand what you do.


Add key details including contact information, mission statement, social media, clients served and more.

CRA Alignment

Highlight up to four programs you offer that help the community and we'll add key CRA data points for you.

IRS Summary

View a financial snapshot and other important facts from your organization's most recent federal tax filing.

Nonprofit Location

Showcase your main physical location on a map and add each state or county your nonprofit serves.

Market Data

Analyze market and demographic data for both the census tract and county where your nonprofit is located.


Review key details about your mangement policies and structure from your tax filing.

Explore what you'll get.

Build your profile, access CRA tools, invite your whole charges ever.

Build Your Profile

Add key details to complete your free online nonprofit profile.

Free CRA Tools

Become CRA verified and gain access to guides, training and your CRA badge.

Invite Team Members

Approve colleagues to join your team to view your profile and tools.

Powerful User Dashboard

Manage your profile, team and CRA verification status all in a single location.

Quick Online Setup

Gain access in seconds through our cloud-based setup with no downloads needed.

Share with Bankers

Share your nonprofit profile with bankers to demonstrate your CRA alignment.

Get started now. Claim your nonprofit profile.

Be ready the next time you want to talk to a bank about CRA. Claim your profile now in just a few minutes...and yes, it's really free.