Fewer than 5% of nonprofits align with CRA. 100% of ours do.
Community Qualifier makes documenting your CRA relationships easy. Stop wasting time on manual research and spend it supporting your community. We'll deliver the CRA data you need.
Powered by CRANIA.
Curated by CRA experts.
We created CRANIA, the Community Reinvestment Act Nonprofit Identification Algorithm, to make qualification and validation of CRA-aligned nonprofits easy.
CRANIA incorporates over 1,400 data points into its nonprofit qualification process. Built with CRA professionals and examination guidelines in mind, CRANIA evaluates each nonprofit in comparison to regulatory requirements using our proprietary decisioning logic.
But it's more than just an algorithm. Our team of CRA experts evaluates each nonprofit selected by CRANIA to curate and maintain consistent data. Only after we complete this two-step process, do we list CRA-aligned nonprofits on Community Qualifier.

Get all the data you need.

Compile consistent data with our standardized nonprofit profiles.

CRA Qualification

Explore the CRA category, awards, and designations for each nonprofit.

Activities Overview

Gain insight into the activities conducted by each nonprofit.

Contact Information

Verify the nonprofit's address, EIN and other key details or request an introduction.

Key IRS Insights

Review key facts about IRS status, tax deductibility, tax filings and more.

Geocoded Location

View the nonprofit's mapped location including standardized geocoding data and CRA geographies.

Area Demographics

Analyze key Census data including population, housing, income and more.

Explore what you'll get.

Intuitive interface, easy implementation, and flexible subscriptions for your bank.

Search Anywhere

Search thousands of CRA-aligned nonprofits by city, state, county, or zip.

Consistent Documentation

Save and print standardized nonprofit profiles to share with your examiners.

One-Click Connection

Request an introduction to any CRA-aligned nonprofit with a single click.

Add Unlimited Users

Customize your subscription to include as many users your bank needs.

Quick Cloud Setup

Gain complete access in just minutes with our quick, cloud-based setup.

Expert Support

Our team is here to support your CRA success via phone, live chat, and email.

How our pricing works.

Each bank has different CRA needs, so we evaluate how you plan to use Community Qualifier, including how many users you need for your institution, to prepare a customized subscription quote for your bank.

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