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Streamline your CRA success with Community Qualifier, our groundbreaking community search tool.

Geographic Searching

Search by city, state, county or zip code in any community and filter by CRA category or keyword to pinpoint the exact results you need.

Message Nonprofits

Quickly reach out to CRA-aligned nonprofits directly or request an introduction to build new relationships using our online messaging features.

Simplify Exam Research

Review dozens of data points for each nonprofit and save or print the nonprofit profiles you need to be ready for your next CRA exam.

Support Specific Needs

Explore specific community need listings to support nonprofits, each one vetted and analyzed to outline their CRA and community benefits.

Data-Driven CRA Relationships

We’ve created CRANIA, our Community Reinvestment Act Nonprofit Identification Algorithm, to help you make data-driven, informed choices to build the best nonprofit relationships for your bank.

CRANIA incorporates more than 20 trusted government and industry sources, including the Census Bureau, FFIEC and IRS.  We regularly update and re-evaluate our nonprofit profiles as new data becomes available to ensure that you have current and complete information.

Our CRA experts further validate each qualified nonprofit to provide you with  clear categorization and over 70 datapoints of valuable information to assist your community building.  You can pinpoint the type of nonprofits you want in the locations you need.

All of this together gives you access to a powerful, unique nonprofit analysis and connection tool that supports your CRA success.


CRA-Qualified Nonprofits Online


Communities Available for Searching

View Detailed CRA Information for Each Nonprofit

CRA Categorization

Quickly see how each nonprofit meets CRA requirements.

Key IRS Insights

Review key facts about IRS status, tax deductibility, tax filings, and more.

Activities Overview

Gain insight into the organization and activities conducted by each nonprofit.

CRA Awards History

See each nonprofit's CDFI or SBIC status, recent tax credits, and CDFI awards.

CRA Geocoded Location

Review the nonprofit's location on the map including standardized geocoding data.

Area Demographics

Analyze key Census data including population, housing, income and more.

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Community Bank

$ 2,500 annually per user
  • Banks with $3 billion in assets or less
  • Instant access to Community Qualifier
  • Quickly search, save and message nonprofits
  • Monthly option available for $250 per month

Large Bank

$ 5,000 Starting Platform Access Fee
  • Banks with $3 billion+ in assets
  • Full access to Community Qualifier
  • Quickly search, save and message nonprofits
  • Data visuals for performance context
  • Priority customer support
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