Stand Out.

Be the Nonprofit a Bank Needs.

With thousands of nonprofits vying for a bank’s time and attention, findCRA provides you with tools and resources to confidently share your organization’s mission, impact and needs with potential bank supporters.  With the tools we provide, you’ll be prepared to talk about your nonprofit’s programs and services, while also highlight the ways they are aligned with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and helping your community thrive.  Together, we’ll ensure you’re educated and equipped to tell your CRA Story to banks and empowered to form lasting, productive partnerships.

More than 5,500 banks are looking for CRA-aligned nonprofits. Let's tell your CRA story.


Are You Aligned with CRA?

Using CRANIA, our Community Reinvestment Act Nonprofit Identification Algorithm, we’ve taken the first step in helping you stand out to banks.  We’ve analyzed public data on nonprofits throughout the nation and created standardized online profiles for all those aligned with CRA requirements. Each profile is available for bank users to find, track and analyze on our Community Qualifier platform.

Claim Your Nonprofit

To get started with sharing your CRA Story, claim your nonprofit profile for free in just a few simple steps. Add essential information about your organization, including your mission, clients served and contact details. Claiming your profile not only gives banks a way to contact you directly, it gives you access to download, print and easily share your profile with key stakeholders.

Promote Your CRA Story

The next step in sharing your CRA Story is applying for CRA Certification. Just submit your application and initial payment to start the process. Once approved, we’ll equip you with customized tools and resources to present to banks to highlight your CRA alignment. You’ll also be able to share your specific requests for volunteers and funding on findCRA’s Community Needs listing.

CRA Certification and Bank Funding

Read how the St. John Center for Homeless Men used their CRA Certification to deploy a new fundraising strategy. With new confidence and their customized findCRA tools, they were ready to tell their CRA Story to interested banks.

Show Banks Your CRA Benefits with Tools Customized for Your Nonprofit

CRA Story

This personalized document is available for you to share with interested banks wanting to know more about the CRA benefits of your nonprofit. It includes important information about how your nonprofit’s programs and services align with CRA requirements and other facts banks want to know.

CRA Strategy

This customized strategy document is provided to your nonprofit to outline internal steps for your CRA outreach. It includes do’s and don’ts for talking about CRA, suggestions for what to work on to strengthen your CRA alignment, and tips for how to talk about your CRA Certification.

CRA Certificate

This certificate demonstrates that your nonprofit is aligned with the federal Community Reinvestment Act. When you first become certified, we’ll send you a copy to display at your nonprofit.

CRA Certification Badge

The CRA Certification Badge is the easiest way to let people who visit your website or receive your marketing materials know that you’ve been certified as a Community Reinvestment Act Nonprofit. Include it on your website, in social media, in marketing materials or anywhere else you’d like to share and promote your Certified CRA Nonprofit status.

List Your Community Needs

With your CRA Certification, you gain access to list the specific community needs your nonprofit may have to share more ways to support your organization. List as many needs as you’d like, including their related community impact and individuals served.

Let's start your CRA Story today.

We're ready to help you stand out to banks in your community. Schedule a call today to discuss your profile or learn more about CRA certification.

Become the Nonprofit a Bank Needs

Get Certified Today

It’s easy to begin the CRA Certification process. To get started, all you need to do is submit your online application and initial payment. We’ll review your information to determine all aspects of your nonprofit’s alignment with CRA. Within 30 days, we’ll let you know your CRA Certification status. Once approved, we’ll equip you with customized CRA tools for your marketing and outreach to banks, an enhanced online profile, and the ability to list your specific requests for funding and support on findCRA’s Community Needs listing. All of this positions you as the nonprofit a bank needs.
Each year, as long as your Certification remains active, you’ll be able to renew it at a discounted rate of $150, and we’ll provide you updated CRA tools to refresh your outreach to banks.
Initial Certification
Annual Renewal
Learning Center

Expand your Community Reinvestment Act knowledge with industry updates, regulatory guidance and forum discussions or learn more about using findCRA.

List Your Community Need

Once you become certified, you can list your specific community needs for banks to find and support through donation, loans or service.