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findCRA's cloud-based SaaS solutions are designed to give banks back their valuable time spent researching and documenting nonprofit relationships and building performance context for CRA. Our software is built with a CRA first approach, making it stand out in the marketplace. Bank clients across the nation are using findCRA as their primary CRA research engine for program needs.
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    Research and document CRA relationships consistently and easily.
    You can search in any state, city, county, or zip code in the nation and in just seconds, select the CRA-aligned relationships your bank wants. Each nonprofit has been qualified using our proprietary CRANIA algorithm and further curated by our CRA experts to ensure that they fit into the appropriate CRA categories.
    Research existing relationships or start new ones, all documented in the same consistent format. You can save and download detailed nonprofit profiles or request introductions to new relationships any time.
    Build performance context in a single click.
    We've accumulated data from over 40 trusted government and industry sources and organized it into county-level market reports. In literally seconds, you can select any county in the nation and review nearly 200 data points, grouped into 10 categories.
    Gain insights into housing, income, education, community investment, the bank landscape, and more to develop an understanding of what's really going on in your assessment areas. Each Contexter market report can be saved, printed, and shared with staff and examiners.